Pro Bono - "If every Missouri attorney volunteered for one pro bono case each year, most unmet needs would be fulfilled".

The Missouri Bar encourages all Missouri attorneys to find opportunities and access resources to provide pro bono service to needy persons and groups, particularly those whose incomes do not allow them to obtain necessary representation.  Please click on the following link to learn more:

Tax Scams Often Hurt Those Who Can Least Afford It

For many low-income families in Missouri, tax season is a welcomed time.  Working families that qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) receive refunds which they can use to pay rent, electric and gas bills or to buy necessities that they cannot normally afford throughout the year.

Federal Law Still Protects Tenants Living In Foreclosed Properties

Home foreclosures in Missouri are down significantly from 2013 and that’s good news.  Despite the reduction the

What Life Is Like At The Poverty Line

It’s one impossible choice after another—between food, medicine, paying the heating bill or even affording a lawyer. If a person or family does not have an adequate income there are many tough choices to make every day.  has added a link to the Tour Poverty USA video.  Find out what life is like at the poverty line and ways you can help.

Find Information Concerning Your Legal Problem

Locating legal information on the web can be difficult.  To assist you, we have devoted a portion of the web site in providing links to twenty major law categories with over one hundred and twenty-five web sites or articles.  We hope the information contained withi